Magic Points

  • How can I redeem my points?

    When you get to our threshold of points, you will get an email with a coupon code! You can use them on a new order or add them to your subscription! The points threshold is as followed: 500 points = $5 coupon 1000 points = $10 coupon 1500 points = $15 coupon 2000 points = $20 coupon 2500 po...
  • How do I earn Magic Points?

    To earn points, sign up and you automatically get 200 points! From there, every dollar you spend gets you 2 points! So if you spend $100, you will get 200 points. If you share us on Facebook, you will get 400 points. If you like us on Facebook, you will get 350 points. If you follow us on Insta...
  • How do I use my Magic Points?

    You can log into your account on this link: and from there you can see your account. From there, click "Redeem Points" and it will give you a discount code! If you have any issues with the discount code, please send us a message!